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Arabic Transcriber Gig

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Feb 14, 2022

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Remote, Anywhere


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I'm looking for a dedicated and experienced transcriber to provide reliable and accurate writing services for my 6-month long social media project.

The job role entails:
° Listening to my 5-minute US English videos
° Transcribing the audio to Arabic (Egyptian Arabic preferred)
° Excluding any any and all interjection words entirely from script
° Occasional transcription of livestreams

I am very flexible and easy to work with; friendly tone and very clear-speaking recordings in moderate speed. If we work well together, then I am happy to extend the 6-month contract. I'd rather have someone on a long-term basis!

Position begins March 1st.


Must: ° Work remotely ° Use your own computer/laptop and headphones ° Be a Native Arabic Speaker (Egyptian Arabic highly preferred), or 10+ years of experience transcribing English to Arabic ° Demonstrate accurate transcription work ° Be friendly and communicate well ° Be able to receive compensation bi-weekly through PayPal or Invoice


My current budget is $50-75 per video. I upload 5-minute videos, 4 times per week.
We can discuss salary negotiations after the first month of work is completed.

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Social media influencer (2+ years)

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Remote, Anywhere

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