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Copywriter, Non-profit Org

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Dec 6, 2020

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Remote, US Only


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--- Project Summary ---

We need help finalizing our core messaging, finishing the copy for our website, and writing the copy for fundraising decks. This is a remote 1 to 3-month hourly contract position starting now. You will refine our core messaging, copy for our website, and participate in copywriting for deck development.

--- Scope of Work and Deliverables ---

Remember Land is seeking a professional copywriter with a proven track record in brand development and execution to deliver the following Scope of Work.
• Evaluate existing Remember Land brand and marketing materials through a brief discovery phase.
• Refine existing language for Mission and Vision statements.
• Refine existing language for Values and extended principles.
• Develop existing copy for to-be-launched website.
• Support Deck Development for fundraising decks underway to describe a Regenerative Agriculture program, a distributed system Eco-Network, and describing the core work of the organization.


--- About You --- • A collaborator ready to work with existing content and work closely with organizational stakeholders. • A naturalist/animist with experience writing about your immersion in the natural world. • Fluent in a neo-marxist critique of capitalism and colonialism and can speak naturally about a vision for a new world from an embodied, connected perspective. • Capable of generating poetic prose that clearly articulates complicated ideas and connections. --- To Apply --- To be considered for this position, please email your resume and cover letter by 12/11. Please include 3-5 writing samples or a link to your writing portfolio.


$25-50 hourly, based on experience

Company Profile

--- Organization Overview ---

As stewards to 675 acres of land providing habitat for diverse, bountiful plant and animal life on the southwestern side of Bells Mountain, part of the Cascade Mountain range, Remember Land is humbly listening and cultivating ways to heal and evolve participation in life and all its cycles. This is a co-created and ever-unfolding exploration with reverence, respect, responsibility and belonging at the forefront.

Remember Land is a new nonprofit that aims to steward evolving models of humans living in right relationship to land and with each other. We are working to understand the ways humans are enmeshed in a living web. We believe that understanding these connections can help heal the ecological, social, and spiritual roots of climate chaos and promote social welfare through a shared commitment to equity and ecosystem restoration.

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Remote, US Only

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