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Nov 29, 2021

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Remote, US only

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Our US-based firm is looking for someone who is an expert at writing and Internet research.

We have an additional website project that has a website designer team assigned to it. We need someone who is able to assist this team by performing Internet research on our firm’s competition websites and then providing text content and copying images to help this project become one of the best business firm websites.

We also need someone to help guide the website design team and answer questions they may have...and to help with creative direction and provide feedback/opinions on the website design.

We can easily do this ourselves or allow the website design team to do this, but we have found that the website design team usually does not put as much love and attention-to-detail into each project as we would like. We find that the layout or the placement of images and objects or the themes and colors are often not loading up correctly and do not look professional and detailed.

We need someone who is not only going to put extra emphasis on writing up the text content on the website in a way that beats the competition and helps attract more business, but also does the research to offer ideas and creative direction for the website project so that it blows the competition away.

We don’t just want to create a website, we want one that our competition cannot beat.

You responsibilities:

° Research awesome looking law firm websites in major cities throughout the US

° Take notes on things you find on other websites we can use and send to website design team

° Find text, content, images, and ideas on competitor law firm websites to use on our website

° Write up text content, about us, descriptions of services, and other text for the website

° Test the website’s progress by checking look, feel, layout, on desktop/mobile, and more

° Provide ideas on features we see on other competitor websites like chat, booking, and etc

° Keep communication on the website project between us and website team



° 5 years of creative writing and editing experience ° Law firm experience and/or similar background ° Strong internet research skills ° Work during Eastern Standard Timezone ° Proven experience working with marketing and web management teams ° US and Canada residents (highly preferred)


° $35,000 USD annual salary (to start) with 3-month probationary period review for advancement
° 25-30 hour work week (flexible and remote)
° Benefits after a successful 3-month probation period

Company Profile

Northwest regional law firm

Site/ Locations

Remote, US only

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