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Experienced Content Editor

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Sep 16, 2020

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Remote, Anywhere


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:::Daily Job Tasks:::

--Read content and correct for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar

--Rewrite copy to make it easier for readers to understand

--Verify facts using standard reference sources

--Evaluate submissions from writers to decide what to publish

--Work with remote writers to help their ideas and stories succeed

--Plan the content of digital media and publications according to the publication’s style and editorial policy

--Develop story and content ideas while being mindful of the audience

--Allocate space for the text, photos, and illustrations

--Approve final versions submitted by staff

:::Work Schedule:::

--Monday through Friday (Eastern Time/ New York)

--6 hours per work day must be completed (work hours are tracked in our system when you log into the team portal)

--2 hours per week, meeting with writers and sales/marketing team (through Skype Business)

* Must be able to commit to this weekly schedule; hours will be semi-flexible.


The Right Content Editor will have at least 5 years of proven editing experience with a company: --Suggesting revisions --Improving clarity or accuracy --Carrying out research, confirming sources for writers, and verifying facts, dates, and statistics --Arranging page layouts of articles, photographs, and advertising :::Education Requirement::: Must have a Bachelor's Degree in marketing, business, and/or communications


Hourly compensation/ independent contractor/ 6-month contract, permanent employment opportunity available after 6-month contract evaluation;

Unable to offer US work permits with permanent employment;

Salary will be based on experience (negotiable); starting salary is USD $12.50 per hour.

Company Profile

MDI is an equal opportunity employer, welcoming all qualified candidates to apply regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, or disabilities.

Tips to Get Shortlisted:

Discuss your editing experience—in detail. Applications without 5 years of experience and a proper position title "Experienced Content Editor" will not be considered.

Please provide details about your work experience and education.

Avoid typos and poor US English grammar.

Type your responses in complete sentences to showcase professional writing abilities.

Do not contact the company directly with questions/comments about your application or position.

Provide honest responses.

Site/ Locations

Remote, Anywhere

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