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May 25, 2023

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Remote, Anywhere

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BGS is ready to hire the most professional, experienced, creative and dependable Content Editor that can offer business finance articles three times per week for their clients’ websites and blogs.

Each assignment requires a solid introduction and compelling CTA; 1,200+ words each.

The Editor's work schedule begins from Tuesday through Thursday, with some flexibility on Fridays for feedback and SEO.

Turnaround time expectations for each assignment is 24 hours. Our clients work at a fast pace.
Writers will be offered 3 articles per week with access to our clients resources to help with content creation (i.e. case studies, marketing team notes, etc.)


What We are Looking For— 

Plagiarism-free, highly-experience Editors that have more than 2 years of experience creating engaging content (for the business finance industry); content that informs readers and encourages potential leads to learn more about various services/products our clients are offering. 

Previous Experience with an Organization— 

Editors must have SEO experience and proficiency in using WordPress as a Content Editor for a professional organization. 

Published Work Samples— A successful applicant is required to provide published samples/work that can be accessed online, in addition to a verifiable portfolio of work history with a business finance company. 

Education— We are more impressed and excited about actual experience. However, highly preferred candidates should have some college coursework completed in Business Finance. 

APPLICATION TIP: (To be considered, you must share links for the published samples of your work. The hiring manager will be reviewing published samples only, pertaining to the business finance industry. Ensure that your work is credited in your name. Thank you.)


What BGS Offers—
$30 per hour for research and video conference meeting times.
$200-300 per assignment. Turnaround time for each assignment is 24 hours. Writers will be offered 3 articles per week for 3 months, Tuesday through Thursday.

Company Profile

Industries We Service—
"Our clients operate within the financial business, real estate, medical, and education industries. We
have a global reach, with clients in multiple countries."

Site/ Locations

Remote, Anywhere

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