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Freelance Editor, Longterm

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May 11, 2022

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Remote, Anywhere


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We're seeking an experienced writer who has a strong grasp around the international real estate culture, including but not limited to:

° Vacation housing (i.e. Airbnb)
° UAE architecture news
° Digital nomad lifestyle
° Property construction and demolition
° Property owner rights

This position would involve the perfect mix of creativity and professionalism, paired with an evergreen skill to develop content about various real estate and architectural news/events.

Moreover, we are looking to add this candidate to our team as a full-time editor, remotely managing our small team of business writers each month.

If this sounds like you and you meet ALL REQUIREMENTS, then we invite you to apply. We'll review interested candidates and respond to those who are shortlisted by June 2nd.


° At least 5 years experience working in the real estate, construction, and/or property management industry a must (no exceptions) ° Intensely, amazing skills writing friendly, engaging, and professional real estate content (must submit published work and/or 3 samples that you're most proud of) ° Epic work ethics and a commitment to communicating issues ASAP to the lead manager ° A true passion for editing work for accuracy, tone of voice, and plagiarism ° Ability to work remotely and meet deadlines


° $500 USD per 1,000-word article
° 3 articles per month
° $25 per hour base pay (during editor hours)
° 6-month bonus incentive
° Credit for written work

Company Profile

International realty consulting firm, based in the US and UAE.

Site/ Locations

Remote, Anywhere

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