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Lead Business Content Writers

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Jul 29, 2021

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Remote, US Only

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Do you have a tremendous skill for interpreting complex content into a creative and easy-to-understand article? Have you helped optimize client web content, knowledge base pages, and proofreading projects for businesses?

Our team currently seeks 5 reliable and professional writers for this part-time position. Writers will have the option to work onsite or remotely.

Our clients' content projects generally consist of:

° Website editing

° Business presentation edits

° Business articles (ghostwriting)

° Finance blog posts (ghostwriting)


You must possess: ° A strong familiarity with WordPress, MS Word, and Powerpoint; ° Have at least 2 years of PROVEN experience as a Business Content Writer; ° Experience working with North American (US) clients—if you are not a US-based writer, a verifiable US reference (previous client/employer) will be requested if selected for an interview. Highly Preferred Writers will have: ° Business degree or some college coursework completed; ° Certifications within the business management sector; ° US-based home office (if working remotely) with high-speed internet; ° Ability to meet deadlines (usually within 48 hours); ° Work independently, with the support of our Lead Editors; ° Complete tasks Tuesdays through Thursdays. All content must be written in US Grammar/ English. Select applicants will be tested. Additional information about the position and our firm will be disclosed if selected for an interview. Please, do not contact our associates beforehand. APPLICATIONS While we are open to all qualified applicants, we are currently reviewing highly preferred applicants first , inviting only a select number of writers for an online interview at this time. If selected for an interview, you must be able to complete an in-person or online interview (if working remotely). International writers are welcome to show interest in this position, however, US-based writers are highly preferred. International writers MUST provide at least ONE US-based reference. All references WILL be verified. Please provide a link to your résumé or portfolio of recent work accomplishments in order to be considered. Applicants without a resume or portfolio of work will not be considered. Online portfolios with published work are highly preferred. Test Assessment (if selected): During the interview process, you will be given a PAID ASSIGNMENT as your test assessment. The selected applicants will have 48 hours to complete the test assignment. Thank you for your interest.


$500 bi-weekly base salary;
Part-time schedule.

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Remote, US Only

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