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Portuguese Transcriber

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Jan 4, 2022

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Remote, Anywhere


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We are searching for one (1) full-time, remote, detail-oriented and trustworthy Portuguese-to-English transcribers to join our team this spring. We're also interested in hiring an additional part-time Portuguese Transcriber for our summer season. The transcriber’s responsibilities include:

° Creating accurate written versions of audio and video recordings
° Reviewing and editing transcriptions done by speech recognition software
° Identifying any inconsistencies

You should have a good typing speed and superb attention to detail and be able to keep all sensitive information confidential.

To be successful as our Portuguese-to-English transcriber, you should be disciplined and have excellent listening skills. Outstanding candidates have superb reading and editing skills—as well as the ability to focus for long periods.

Portuguese-to-English Transcriber Responsibilities:
°Understanding client specifications and noting any formatting or notation requests prior to completing the transcription.
° Completing transcriptions in a timely manner and reviewing drafts for any spelling, grammar, or formatting errors, as well as other inconsistencies.
° Adhering to all confidential guidelines and respecting sensitive information.
° Keeping abreast of transcription software updates and attending our company's refresher workshops as required.
° Communicating with the client or supervisor when there are issues.
° Submitting completed drafts to clients and correcting any errors as per their feedback.
° Keeping typing skills sharp by completing regular typing drills to your team lead.


Portuguese Transcriber Requirements: ° High school diploma ° Associate’s degree or completion of a recognized transcription course ° Proficiency in MS Office, Express Scribe, and other software ° A good typing speed and excellent reading skills ° A high degree of professionalism and a superb work ethic. ° Detail-oriented and deadline-driven. ° The ability to focus for long periods of time. ° Willingness to work overtime if required (with additional compensation) Accepting and reviewing applications January through End-of-February 2022.


Starting salary: $45,000 - $48,000
Salary is negotiable, based on experience and skills.
This is a fully remote, full-time, contract position.

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Remote, Anywhere

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