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Mar 19, 2022

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Remote, US Only

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Our marketing business is growing, as well as our marketing team! Presently, we are looking to hire 3 sharp writers that have experience developing quizzes. This work is for our online marketing websites and local U.S. platforms.

Please only apply if you are a native-English speaker with reliable internet, experience creating quizzes, and a creative spirit.

We need quizzes that target specific audiences, such as:
° Online consumers (gamers and athletes)
° Educators
° Students (high school and college)
° Single parents
° Healthcare workers

In the future, we may accept pitches as well.


Deadlines are important. Content is published frequently and there needs to be time allotted for editing to occur after you complete a submission. Typically, when we assign a quiz topic, we'd like to see that content delivered within 24 hours. We are seeking writers who can commit to 8 quizzes per week.

This position is for ghostwriting only. You will be compensated for your work and with that, we will retain the rights to that work. Quizzes are paid on a flat rate basis and consist of 30 questions each. Each quiz starts with a brief description of less than 100 words. Then, each question is around 10-15 words. Each question also includes 3-8 multiple choice options.

The majority of our content is composed of "smart quizzes". This means the quiz taker is delivered the above mentioned "result" at the end. Each quiz has 6 possible results. Content for each of those varies between 20 and 40 words. We aren't very strict about word counts. We just want the description and questions to make sense and appear complete—and professional with U.S. grammar accuracy.


° Experience creating polls and quizzes ° Accurate grammar skills ° Enjoys team work ° Meets deadlines ° Work remotely Due to the review process, feedback will only be provided to those shortlisted. Thank you.


° $10 USD per quiz
° Weekly payout (following Friday)
° 8 quizzes weekly minimum

After 30 days, writer will be evaluated for work performance; pay increase adjustment according to performance after 30-day review.

Company Profile

Marketing company based in Delaware; applicants must be eligible to work in the U.S. (no sponsorship given). Company requests "US Writers Only" at this time.

1) Submit application with link(s) to your own samples and portfolio (résumé or website).
2) Write a sentence (or short paragraph) about "Why I Qualify". Check your sentences for grammar issues.
3) If shortlisted, you will be contacted via email.

Best wishes!

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Remote, US Only

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