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Tech Copy Editor

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Jul 15, 2021

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Remote, Anywhere


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We're looking for only the most neurotic editors, those who can spot a dangling modifier from 50 paces and feel queasy at the sight of sentence sprawl.

If it bothers you that these paragraphs hav typos, and you’re wondering what crazy person would do that in a copy editor job description, you’ll probably fit right in with us.

This positon calls for a lot of juggling, so we need someone who is adaptable, patient, meticulous reliable, and cool under pressure. Therefore, we're ideally looking for someone who has had experience working for a daly or weekly publicatin.

The Role

As a Copy Editor, you'll publish articles directly on our website via the content management system, so you'll need to be technologically savvy and comfortable editing online. If you like technology or experience using common SaaS software products, that's a big plus since you'll be reading software product reviews and buyer’s guides all day.

"Team Work"

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-dirty editing job. You'll be on the lookout for problems of clarity, grammar, style, and accuracy, helping to ensure error-free and foolish content. You'll be working with a team of writers, editors, and other copy editors to produce business advice information that educates, amuses, and enriches our tech readers.


Primary Objectives----- ° Edits and proofreads online content for clarity, grammar, in-house style, and general Foolish tone. ° Fact check and source check content to ensure high-quality. ° Works with our online content management system to ensure correct formatting and article workflow. This is an editing job. If you don't like copyediting, you'll hate it. We typically require at least 20 hours a week to copyediting articles. Core Competencies----- ° Ability to leap tall buildings and catch typos in a single bound. ° Grammar neurosis -- you just can't stop thinking about it. ° Attention to detail. ° Dazzling under deadline pressure. ° Ability to prioritize and organize multiple workflows. ° Comfortable working with a diverse team including other copy editors, in-house editors, and writers. ° Can roll with the punches – and maybe give a few, too. ° Dependable and consistent. Preferred Qualities----- ° Comfort and familiarity with content written for the web. ° Knack for delivering feedback tactfully, and receiving it gracefully. ° Patience of a saint. ° Sense of humor -- if you can't laugh at yourself, forget it. ° Undergraduate degree in English, journalism, or a related field, which may be substituted for equivalent experience. ° At least two years of professional editing experience. ° Experience editing content related to technology, software news, and tech-related business. How to Apply: Please submit a link to your resume, CV, or portfolio. Tell us about your qualifications and why you're interested in our Copy Editor position. This is epically important! Thanks!


Competitive base salary, in addition to compensation for topic suggestions.

This is a long-term, freelance position with an opportunity for future full-time/ permanent employment with Dale.

Company Profile

International technology company, headquartered in the United States with offices in Canada and a mid-sized remote team.

Site/ Locations

Remote, Anywhere

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