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Technical Volume Writer

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Apr 13, 2021

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Remote, Anywhere


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A Technical Volume Writer analyzes RFPs to identify requirements for their assigned proposal sections, works with the Proposal Manager/ Volume Lead to develop/ identify win themes, creates draft page layout and mockups, identifies and sketches artwork, and works with Graphics/ Publications to develop final artwork. They interview SMEs to create draft content, and create drafts of each section using Microsoft Word-based proposal template and proposal style guide.


If you were standing in front of a building that was on fire, would you rush in to save lives?

When making a tough call, does your gut win over your head and heart?

When playing Rock Paper Scissors, do you look for and exploit patterns in the behavior of your opponent?

When you open the newspaper, do you immediately go for the crossword?

Do you prefer the unexpected over routine?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then stop looking for a job! Join SMA for an adventure:
• Take control of your career • Help accomplish great things • See the results of your hard work


Career Stage: Principal Associate Location: Remote, United States Period of Performance: 05/04/2021 to 06/14/2021 Additional Qualifications Desired Market Area Experience: MRO » Land / Ground Vehicle _____________ You have approximately up to 20 years of experience in this role You are relentless in solving problems, work well in teams, and enjoy a challenge You are a citizen of country where the opportunity is located or have to right to work in that country, and have completed the appropriate level of education in a relevant field You are looking for adventure!


Project-based at approximately $83.63/Hour ranging from $73.75/Hour to $93.50/Hour USD (paid in the currency of residence)

Company Profile

We are SMA, the leader in professional services for project-based industries. We help companies win in their markets by informing their strategic choices, improving their competitiveness, and performing on critical projects. Join our community of over 650 professionals like yourself—all confident in their capabilities and who want choices that will accelerate their career. We offer flexible work opportunities, meritocratic pay and benefits. To learn more about SMA, please visit our website at, and follow us on Glassdoor, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Remote, Anywhere

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