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Tedim Transcriber

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Jan 27, 2022

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Remote, Anywhere


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I'm looking for a Transcriptionist to translate audio recordings into written documents. In this position, you will:

° Receive English (US) recordings from my assistant
° Listen to the English audio
° Create a coherent, written document in Tedim.

In many cases, you will need to expand on sentence fragments or audio notes to create readable content, which will be modified in Tedim script.

Occasionally, you may also expand on shorthand written notes or transcribe live dialogue from our non-profit staff meetings (Tedim-to-English).

Our ideal applicant either has significant experience with Tedim or a certificate in transcription with accurate Tedim translation skills. You must also have excellent hearing and strong typing skills.

° Listen to and write out Chin Tedim audio recordings
° Expand shorthand notes (from our non-profit research project)
° Transcribe live meetings (occasionally)
° Edit transcriptions before filing and submitting
° Organize transcriptions


° High school diploma or GED certificate ° Transcription certificate or equivalent experience ° Possess excellent hearing and listening abilities ° Attention to detail ° Strong typing skills ° Proficiency with common transcription software If selected for an interview, a short Tedim transcription test will be administered by my translator.


$250 USD per 250 words / $500 USD per 500 words
$50 USD per hour (for live dialogue transcription)
3 transcription projects per month
Compensation occurs every 1st and 3rd Monday each month
6-month contract with opportunity to continue if next research project is funded.

Company Profile

Small business owner/ entrepreneur with NGO contract

Site/ Locations

Remote, Anywhere

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