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Writing Assistant Gig "As-needed"

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Apr 22, 2021

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Remote, Anywhere


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Interested in a small, flexible writing gig? I'm in need of a writing assistant for occasional small projects.

This is an "as-needed" freelance writing gig. Here are some of the small projects I will need:

• Short articles (about various topics)
• Assistance with repurposing/rewriting old content (mostly business-related and/or instructions/manuals)
• Rewrite small- and medium-sized news articles
• Assist with social media posts


[MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS] • Proven experience as a writer for a company/organization/business blog • Ability to take requests and meet deadlines (usually within 3-5 business days) • Consistent • Work remotely • Checks emails/messages for new work requests at least 4 times per week What I'm REALLY looking for: • Friendly (or easy to communicate with) • Professional • Able to communicate in US English very well • Follows instructions completely • Willingness to learn/ adapt to a new workflow (when needed) –––– Ready to apply? Excellent! Applicant must: • Submit at least 2 samples of written work -or- verifiable proof of experience • Explain why you'd be a good "As-needed" Writing Assistant • Minimum pay (per article or assignment, etc.) ______ I will not hire through an agency, platform, or recruiter. (Do not recommend your Fiverr, UpWork, or recruiter's office to me, as these are not my preferred channels at this time.) I am looking to develop a positive, one-on-one work relationship directly with the Assistant Writer and provide extra work opportunities in the future (if work performance and skill level meets our needs). ______ Thanks for your time and interest!


$12-20 USD per rewrite projects (usually 300 - 800 words)
$10-12 USD per social media post
Higher compensation will be available for other projects and (proven) excellent work performance over time.

This is an "As-needed" gig. There are no minimum or maximum projects per week at this time. However, I can guarantee 2 or more projects per month.

Compensation will only be provided via PayPal
-or- the hired assistant may submit an agreed invoice to me per project completed.

Company Profile

Small business owner, based in the U.S. with international projects.

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Remote, Anywhere

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