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Aug 8, 2018



No problem. 👍 Log into your account and change your 'Settings'. You may also need to 'Unfollow Posts'.




Here is a quick guide to prevent and modify any excessive email notifications from RWJ.


1) Log into your account.











2) Select 'Settings' on the bottom-left side [as pictured].





3) Now, you may easily adjust your email notifications.









1) Go to 'The Forum' , which you can access at the top of the website.


2) Click on the three dots next to the forum that you would like to unfollow.




3) Select 'Unfollow' to turn off its forum notification.









If you decide to unfollow job listings, you will not receive email alerts for the latest job postings. Therefore, we recommend visiting the website twice a week to stay up-to-date on the latest job opportunities and resources.


Best wishes!


Aug 20, 2018

Receiving too many email alerts? Please log into your account and change your settings. Best wishes in you remote writing job search!

Sep 14, 2018

Receiving too many email alerts? Please log into your account and change your settings. Best wishes in you remote writing job search! Have a safe weekend!

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  • Here are some suggestions that may help you with those "UNDELIVERABLE" error messages and "REPLY" issues (concerning Craigslist Ads). Make Sure the Ad Has Not Expired: Go DIRECTLY to the original ad and make sure the: Ad is NOT expired; Email address in the "Reply" button is the same. Always read any ad very carefully and check posted date. Sometimes, the "REPLY" email address changes. Double-check the actually email address in the original CL ad. Your ISP or File Attachments were TOO BIG: Sometimes, it can be your ISP [ Check out " Fixing DNS error messages "] or your IP address is simply blocked by Craigslist . Try using a VPN. (If you're an approved member of RemoteWriterJobs, check out out Member's Forum for more resources and tips.) .....Other times, it can be large file attachments that cause the email relay for CL to behave badly. Attach smaller files to your email. If your file attachments are small (and that's not the problem), then try this: CL's Suggestions to Help Your Email Issues: Step-by-step Help: [ CL Help Instructions "Replying to a Post" ] Still Not Working? Contact CL Directly: If the 'copy and paste' method or 'smaller file attachments' suggestions do NOT work, you may have to contact Craigslist directly to help troubleshoot the email delivery issue you are experiencing. [ Contact Technical Support] In summary, Make sure the ORIGINAL ad has not expired; Use a VPN, as your IP address (country) may be blocked; Attach smaller files to the email. Best Wishes! Remote Writers Work / Remote Writer Jobs is not affiliated with Craigslist. #Craigslist #UndeliverableEmails #Errors #Email #Reply #ReplyIssues #ReplyButton #ExpiredAds #ErrorMessage
  • Protect yourself when responding to certain Craigslist Job Ads through the 2-way email relay system. Craigslist has implemented 2-way email relay to help stop spam and scams. HOW IT WORKS: When replying to a post you'll see an address like: abcde-0123456789@sale.craigslist.org When answering an email you'll see an address like: rcc9la26d7534400a6a03514c34f9200@reply.craigslist.org THE RECEIVER (JOB POSTER) WILL NOT SEE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS, NOR WILL YOU SEE THEIRS...UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO PROVIDE THAT INFORMATION TO THEM YOURSELF. PLEASE NOTE : The “real name” field (e.g. Jane Doe) in your email program is passed through to the recipient. Any contact information in the body of your message will pass through unaltered. FAQ Q: I would like to stop a particular user from contacting me. A: Click the flagging link at the bottom of the message. Q: I accidentally flagged a message, how can I undo it? A: At this time it cannot be undone. Q: Which flagging link should I use if there are a bunch of nested replies in the message? A: Use the most recent link. Q: Can I continue to communicate with respondents after my ad has been removed? A: Yes, existing reply email communication threads can continue for up to 6 months. Q: How did the poster find out my real name? A: The “real name” field your email program provides is passed through to the recipient. Q: Where can I get more help? A:   https://forums.craigslist.org/?forumID=9 #Craigslist #CraigslistEmails #CraigslistScams #CraigslistJobs
  • We hate to see you leave the community. Before you delete your account, let us know how we may be able to make things better for you in the forum. You may contact: support@remotewriterjobs.com for any unresolved issues. If you simply need to start a brand new account and need help deleting your old account, we are more than happy to help. Please contact us to remove your account. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.