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Elaine Lamb-Mckinney
Sep 01, 2019
Like most of these smaller remote job companies, asking you to sign up and take exams, I've come to find that the devil is in the details when it comes to non-registered groups like Remotasks. Anytime you must sign up and provide all of your information, only to find no results, it's worthy to be awarded the "phishing mill" trophy (at the least). Yes. You can make $1-3 US dollars an hour. Yes. You can see actually tasks. But, if you aren't in the right country, you will not get paid. Period. Here's an example/review to consider: And this lady, Ann L. (blogger), obviously gets paid to leave "decent" reviews and feedback. Just watch how she responds to comments about Remotask in her comment section. While traveling abroad, I noticed I couldn't even log in (depending on locations). I tried to start a new account, but who wants to take exams all over again? No technical support available. No human help. No response. And to add fuel to the fire, I now receive spam messages from various sources—spam that I was NOT receiving before signing up with them. So, freelancers beware! - Elaine
PHISHING MILL: Remotasks content media
Elaine Lamb-Mckinney

Elaine Lamb-Mckinney

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