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Résumé or CV | Which Should You Use?

To CV or not to CV: That is the question!

What is a Resume?

Should you send a Resume or CV? The answer depends on the job or project you're applying to.

Resumes are typically used for job applications and generally designed to be as concise as possible.

This is done to help employers find the information they need without having to sift through the entire resume.

In contrast, a CV is more versatile and can be used for initiatives other than job applications. For example, applications for international academic work, research projects, medical positions and fellowship grants typically require CVs rather than resumes. CVs can also include information which is typically included in most resumes.


What is a Resume?

A resume offers a summary of a person's credentials, academic attainment, and work history. More elaborate resumes include career summaries and mission statements, but the goal of resume writing is to provide useful information to potential employers to help them make their decisions.

What is a CV?

A CV is like a resume, however, extended to two to three pages. Aside from providing information on a person's qualifications and work experiences, it also offers information on his or her academic background, degrees, awards, publications, presentations and more.

Additionally, a CV includes a curriculum vitae summary, which explains what the CV has to offer and the types of information that it includes.

CV writing contains similarities to resume writing, with exception of an academic source inclusion. If the applicant wants to present his CV to a research firm or academic establishment then he will need to elaborate on his academic qualifications.

Remember: Always read the description of an application to confirm which one is needed.


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