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Outsourcing Bilingual Freelancers

The Benefits of Outsourcing Bilingual Freelancers

As a business owner seeking to expand internationally with products or services, you'll need a good reputation and strong reach. However, this is easier said than done—especially during economic downturns and the ever-changing dynamics of "how" we do business these days.

Fortunately, there is a smart, high-impact solution that won't break your budget!

Bilingual employees can be the key to successfully conveying your message, not only in the words that form the language spoken by your potential customers, but also by speaking their language in every sense.

Differences Between Outsourcing and Hiring Bilingual Employees

There are two main options for your company when it comes time to choose bilingual employees or translators. The first one is the classical option of hiring bilingual staff as an in-house addition (or offering your in-house team opportunities to acquire another language.)

The second one is to opt for outsourcing a highly-skilled expert that has natural multi-tasking abilities and the power to boost your web localization.

The main difference is the responsibility of your company towards your bilingual employees. Of course, when you hire, you're committed to paying all the benefits and investing the time to bring your team up-to-speed on new strategies—as they continue to work through their previously assigned tasks.

Indeed, that sounds like a lot more work.

Alternatively, when you outsource, you only pay for the job assigned to the person and receive an automatic proofreader/editor/ cultural expert on standby with tremendous experience working remotely—and internationally!

Another important difference is the infrastructure. Hiring bilingual staff implies they are going to use your premises or remote work processes—which may require a hefty training overhaul (if you're not prepared or equipped).

Outsourcing – The Benefits of Bilingual Employees Without the Worry In addition to a shift in more remote work adjustments, outsourcing is also the way work will take place in the future.

Evidence stems from the increasing number of:

  • Freelancer platforms;

  • Third parties between the company who needs to get the benefits of bilingual employees;

  • Job opportunities for bilingual and multilingual workers.

The cost reduction of your company is so big that you will start choosing this work method with no exception.

Assistants, secretaries or translators are available to do the job you assign them from a remote place. For example, if they have to work extra hours, it’s not the energy of your company which is going to be consumed. Rather, it's the energy of your company that is saved. Outsourcing is the only way of reaching your target markets in the right language, and we're not only talking about grammar and vocabulary; imagine targeting your consumers' culture and needs without having to pay a fortune for this wealth of skill and knowledge. If outsourcing through a scalable service is not right for your (at the moment), RWJ highly recommends that you develop a long-term work relationship over time with a trusted freelancer to save you time and revenue which will prevent you from being in the constant quest for the perfect translator.

Ready to procure the right bilingual or multilingual writer (and amazing multitasker) for your next project? Connect with us!

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