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Stay Motivated in 2021

Good riddance, 2020 (on the Gregorian calendar). The past year has been trying for all of us. As the world slowed down and embraced the "new normal" due to the COVID-19 virus, many of us have experienced a loss of income and opportunities, further impacting our livelihoods.

Two good things that has spawned from the downturn:work-at-home opportunities and the need to reevaluate your priorities.

This is extremely good for local and international freelance writers. However, foraging along as a freelance writer can be a very challenging profession; yes, you are able to determine your own work schedule, yet this can lead to procrastination and doubt.

Many freelance writers experience lulls, as employers have many submissions to consider and the wait for responses can be discouraging.

Let's stomp out that procrastination and doubt this year.

If you maintain the course, you can be successful in this field and earn a comfortable salary.

Here are 3 tips to help keep you motivated in 2021.

As a disclaimer, this is not a motivational article, overflowing with sweets and roses. It is a moderately harsh reminder of the reality that we must settle into while keeping the faith (amunah) for personal positive growth.


1) Remember Why You Became a Freelance Writer

Take yourself back to why you chose to become a freelance writer. Everyone has different reasons. Of course money is a main reason, but sometimes the love of writing or the freedom of being your own boss may have been high on your list of reasons that you branched out in the field. Oftentimes, as we plunder along, getting caught up in the process, we lose track of why we are here, and it becomes more of a struggle than a joy. We have to go back to the beginning—mentally that is—and recapture a sense of direction.

Regroup and redirect today, not tomorrow.

2) Refresh Your Soul—A Better 'You' Makes a Better 'Everyone'

Be sure to take care of you. Writing is a mental exercise that can become exhausting and draining. If your brain is drained, then you will not be able to focus and produce the way you need to. Take time out for you! Read a good book, watch a movie/documentary, or consider asking a family member to take on a few responsibilities for the day. Do something relaxing and refreshing. When you return to your computer, your creative juices will flow.

Do not procrastinate in this area, even if your family needs you and relies on your daily work. Remember, if you are not well, then no one else will be. So, set a date/time each week to have a designated space for yourself this year. Tell yourself, "No excuses. I must take care of 'me'."

3) You Have Bills to Pay—You Can't Procrastinate

This seems so obvious—and a typical cliché.

But, think of it like this. If you don’t write, you don’t eat. You can’t enjoy life the way you want. Sure, you may have a little savings for the next economic downturn. Is it possible that the next downturn brings the inability to work as fruitfully? It's highly possible. Therefore, you cannot afford to procrastinate.

Tell yourself, "I cannot afford to procrastinate with _________ ."

One day at a time (ODAAT).

Remember, procrastination is the common denominator this year. We must annihilate its very essence.

No money, no entertainment, no cell phone, no gas, no heat, etc. You won’t be able to do what you need to do, or do the things you like to do. Neither will you be able to save for the next economic downturn. Put in mind the downturns and hardships you may have faced in 2020.

Do you want to revisit unnecessary hardships moving forward? A phrase committed by no one.

The more you write, the easier the words come. Flex that muscle and build up your strength by writing in your personal journal, diary, or blog. Perhaps, you may find a way to turn these mental releases into a non-profit journey that helps others along the way.


No doubt, freelancing has its benefits and deterrents. The freedom and flexibility is great until the feeling of redundancy sets in—and we lose focus. When the inspiration is gone, remember that you have a great opportunity in your hands and a wonderful chance to realize your potential. You control your destination and earning power.

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Stay well.


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