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Why Do People Write?

People write for different purposes. Some write to meet their inter-related psychological needs (for example, personal bloggers), while others write to gain ‘credit’ and ‘credibility’ (for example, scientific writers or volunteer Wikipedians working on open content publishing). ‘Credit’ works as an incentive for the writers which is not something just for the sake of it but it adds value to the long term ‘credibility’ of that person. This credibility is a reward that promotes voluntary writing.

What are the main motivations behind writing? This has been a common question for a long time. Writers have tried to explain it. They have tried to express the force that makes them create those immortal pieces of text that touch the souls at depth. The inspirations for others also get inspired by something.

In George Orwell’s view, four main motives of writing are “1) Sheer Egoism, 2) Aesthetic Enthusiasm, 3) Historical Impulse, and 4) Historical Purpose”. His writing was mainly driven by first three of the motives as he remembered it. There are other examples of authors sharing the similar motives behind why do they write.

Humans want to be remembered and recognized. Writing gives them this idea of being found when they are gone forever. It is a form of legacy they create. To pass on their learnings from life’s experiences and to share what was unique to them inspires the creative writing. Some say that writing is an art which needs to be fueled by flow of imagination and creativity. Although flow of thoughts is important, it also needs practice to sharpen the skill.

Self-disclosure, developing affiliations, seeking affirmations, expressing emotions, and experiencing gratification are some of the common motives among bloggers. Writers experience a sense of achievement by successful writing and this sense leads to more and improved writing. A fun fact to add, sometimes people do not know their real motives of writing at the time and writing helps them to realize the purpose of their writing.

Writing comes always with a purpose even when it is a hobby. In fact, purposeful writing is more effective because only then a message can be conveyed clearly. Sometimes writing becomes a motive to socialize. It can be seen mostly in writing clubs where people get together to fulfil their needs for writing and socializing at the same time. It also helps to get quick feedbacks on improving the writing skills along with other benefits.

Some people are natural. They have this strong urge to write and they can’t get over it unless they have transferred their thoughts to a paper. It can be thought of as the need to express. Sometimes people write when they are lonely. In fact, writing provides a means of support to handle loneliness. It is suggested by mental health practitioners and writing experts.

Why do you want to write? To express yourself? To post in the RWJ group? To find paid work? To reflect and to let it all out? To let imagination flow? To share with the world? Whatever your reasons are, grab a pen and start doing it. Let your ideas move to the paper and let others enjoy your creativity.


Tooba looks for the dimensions where old and new disciplines meet. Trusting that continuous change on the foundations of past knowledge can create progressive societies, her writings are not limited to traditional spectrums. As a strong believer of continuous learning, she is always up for new challenges as an input to her mental growth



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