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Our Story

About RWJ

We strive to share genuine job lists and proven opportunities for remote workers worldwide.

Our History

Founder, Le Williams, developed RWJ in 2018 as a resource for writers to create a free profile and share their remote writing journey. Along this path, she discovered the need to sort out authentic remote jobs from scams. In return, we are pleased to offer a unique and elevated job-listing experience to remote-friendly companies and project directors.  

Our Future

We are pleased to move forward as a simple job-listing platform, with a refreshed vision that targets a more organic approach to helping organizations boost their company culture as they leverage solid remote teams. Dually, we're focused on expanding a remote worker's wellness hub—and beyond.

We are a hybrid platform; we work remotely with co-working spaces as needed.

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What We Do

Recruitment Agency: No
Job Listing Resource: Yes

What We Do:

  • Receive job ads

  • Review, research, and verify

  • Edit, manage (if requested) and post ads

  • Inform our audience about opportunities

  • Occasionally spotlight amazing writers and remote-friendly companies

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Video Consultation

Exclusive Writer Referrals

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Remote Writer Jobs celebrates smart-working, dedicated writers by:

  • Building a rapport and establishing a long-term relationship; 

  • Verifying skills through previous and present assignments;

  • Referring special remote positions their way.

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Scam Research and Alerts

It's inevitable.

The infamous job advert that finds its way to your email or job search list.

RWJ combines research with industry knowledge (and insider tips) to vet potential employment offers.

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We are a Resource. 

A free resource to the public.

An ongoing project.

A labor of love.

Please support Remote Writer Jobs by visiting our media pages and sharing. 

If you appreciate our efforts, then we've done our job well. Thank you for your support.

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Hands Up

"Don't give up on your journey to freedom, no matter where you are or who you were."  - Le Williams

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