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Construction Content Writer

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Date Posted

Feb 17, 2022

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Remote, US Only


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We want a writer who views their work as art. We have extremely high expectations. You need to match our quality and level of storytelling in photography, video, web, and branding with our partner’s compelling stories.

We don’t hire based on need — we hire based on cultural fit for the both of us. If you’re able to keep up, the possibilities are endless at our young and growing company.

This is a remote role with flexible hours and we have opportunities for full-time, part-time, or contract work.

Responsibilities and Duties

° Copywriting for web, social, blogs, white papers, ads, video and more

° Quickly learn the earthmoving industry with an informal and authentic writing voice that’s true to our work

° Work remotely with flexible hours – must be US-based.

° Meet deadlines consistently – we trust you to do the right thing and execute.


REQUIREMENTS: ⚬ Fluent in written English ⚬ Stable internet connection ⚬ Ability to follow clear, written instructions ⚬ Microsoft Word ° Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism or a related field is preferred, but not mandatory. ° Two years of relevant writing experience with a strong portfolio of blogs, web copy, advertising, social media posts, white papers, etc. ° Views writing as a form of art, not a job. ° The ability to talk with all sorts of people remotely who are video conferencing from various settings — job sites, mining projects, etc. °The ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines. ° WordPress experience preferred.


Salary: $35,000 to start

Company Profile

Construction company, based in the U.S.

Site/ Locations

Remote, US Only

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