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Nov 22, 2021

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Remote, Anywhere

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2 remote Freelance Writers are needed for our client's B2B Magazine, which is based in Atlanta.

Topics will include General Business, Small Business Management, Technology for Small Business, and Business Integration.

We have an additional (future) need for 2 ongoing/dedicated Freelance Writers. This will target our client's B2C Quarterly Magazine (Emergency Preparedness). Topics include DIY, Wilderness Survival, Emergency First Aid, Self-Defense, Living Off-the-grid, Survival Products, Gun Laws and Legislation (States and Federal), and National Politics.

We'll be reviewing letters of interest throughout December 2021 and conducting interviews in January 2022.


Our 2 Freelance Writers MUST possess the following: ° 2+ years of experience as a professional writer ° Strong grasp of the English Language ° Ability to research and write business-related articles (800-900 words) ° Passion for business news and management topics. ° Blogging on business-related topics ° Comfortable with deadlines ° Accept a "Payment-per-Assignment" agreement *** Special preference given to US military veterans. DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: ° 3+ years of business writing experience; ° College degree and/or some college coursework preferred, but not required. We're more focused on your continued education skills (i.e. ability to learn fast and a passion to improve your skills over time.); ° Experience writing about outdoor products, military surplus, emergency preparedness, and/or survival topics. APPLY NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31st, 2021 ° Send us an email -or- ° Complete an online application ----------------------------------------------- Email: -or- Online Application: ------------------------------------------------- If you've applied in the past, you are welcome to apply for this new position (if you meet all requirements). Please note: Due to the volume of expected applicants, we may not be able to respond to every single letter of interest or application. We will begin interviews in January 2022. If you are selected, you will be contacted in January 2022. Thank you for your time.


$60(+) USD per assignment/ depending on:
° Word count
° Experience
° Education

This is a long-term, freelance writing opportunity. 2 assignments per week will be offered. Flexible schedule with reasonable deadlines. Friendly and professional remote team environment.

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Small, successful marketing firm—based in the U.S.

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Remote, Anywhere

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