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One-time Gig, Copywriter

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May 4, 2022

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Remote, Anywhere


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As a launch my new website in August, I'd like to hire the skills of a website copywriter ASAP.

Tasks include:
° Developing and proofreading content, descriptions, and metatags for 5-8 pages on my new site (i.e. "About Us", "Services", "Catalogue", etc.)
° Contribute to the blog section with 10 articles (plagiarism-free, fresh content)
° Edit my outdated eBooks
° Compose my first newsletter (if interested)


° Experience creating a successful website (content only, not the design) ° Excellent proofreading and editing skills a must ° Proven time-management skills ° Accurate and dependable ° Native U.S. English speaker/writer/content creation This is a one-time content writing gig for the right person. I highly prefer someone with proven experience and a verifiable work history (creating website pages and copywriting). I'm not really impressed with college education and degrees—please show me your published work with other companies. Thank you!


° Negotiable pay per project (within 5 business days of completion)
° Flexible schedule with reasonable deadlines
° I'll offer additional pay towards 2-months of your internet service charges
° I'm very easy to work with—professional and friendly
° Possibility for continued work in the future, but not guaranteed

Company Profile

Entrepreneur (non-profit sector)

Site/ Locations

Remote, Anywhere

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