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Part-time Copywriter

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Feb 3, 2021

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Remote, Anywhere


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Our advanced marketing firm is currently enlisting the help from two experienced copywriters that are able to take on the responsibility for brainstorming, creating, and transforming our ideas into words for articles, advertisements, publications, and pamphlets.

Current focus: Health & Beauty


JOB SKILLS AND REQUIREMENTS Creativity: You will need to create original work and develop ideas around our chosen themes, as well as your own suggested themes. Determination: Some assignments can take a long time to finish, or your editor may turn it around for many, many revisions. Persuasion: Our copywriters will need to know how to write persuasively and in some cases, defend their creative choices. Social Perceptiveness: You must have your finger on the pulse, so that our copy is relevant and modern; you must be able to understand how people will react to your writing. Writing Skills: You must write very well, with excellent English grammar; this includes proper tone, feeling, sentence structure, and emotion. Grammar is everything. EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS ° Some college coursework in Communications, Journalism, English, and/or Business is highly preferred; WORK EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS ° 3+ years of copywriting experience within the healthy and beauty industry ° Dependable, timely, and consistent ° Must submit a sample of PUBLISHED work only ----- This is a contract position. An NDA must be signed, if offered a position with Magic. Do not contact hiring manager, unless you have been selected for an interview. Thank you!


° $200-$500 per article/publication project
° $600-$1,000 per full-cycle advertisement project
° Additional compensation for chosen themes and ideas

We offer at least 2 projects per month, with a limit of 4 per copywriter—based on abilities and experience.

There are no medical/dental benefits. This is an independent contractor position. Hired contractors must sign an NDA.

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Magic Marketing

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Remote, Anywhere

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