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Sr Content Editor, Contract

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Jan 19, 2022

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Remote, US Only

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Our joint publishing company continues to expand with digital campaigns and marketing projects for several firms. We foresee a greater need for higher quality content to help drive thought-leadership goals and results for our current base.

As a result, we are seeking a highly experienced remote team manager to complete the role of Senior Content Editor, with a 1-year contract—including weekly pay and additional incentives for exceeding the metrics of our remote writing team goals.

Weekly Tasks:

° Oversee remote creative teams

° Align schedules and content strategies

° Manage final drafts

° Report results in weekly online meetings via our video conferencing platform

° Communicate with clients (occasionally)


Minimum Requirements:

° College or university degree in Journalism, Communications, Education, or relevant field of study

° 5 years of experience as a remote team manager -or- marketing manager a must;

° At least 3 years as an Editor, Sr. Editor, or Lead Copywriter for a mid-to-large sized business;

° Extensive, proven skills managing schedules, assigning tasks, monitoring remote writers, and editing content (this is very important as you will be completing these responsibilities as our Senior Content Editor);

° High-speed internet and secure connection a must.

° Ability to learn and use our video conferencing platform for initial training, weekly meetings, and occasional client meetings.


Please provide the following in order to be considered for the remote position:

° Link(s) to your online portfolio or resume

° 2 work references (to verify your management experience)

° Explain why you are qualified for this role


$40 per hour/ USD + incentives

$100 USD monthly stipend (towards home office expenses)

Company-provided laptop and external drive

20-30 hours per week

1-year contract

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Remote, US Only

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