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Technical Writer - US

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Oct 5, 2021

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Remote, US Only

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The Role:
You are a person who loves learning about new technology and sharing what you know through your writing. The challenge of being a student one day and a teacher the next appeals to your inquisitive and educative nature. You understand the cloud networking audience and can’t wait to get your hands on new applications to try them out for yourself.

The identity you share with your audience drives you to make sure they have all the information they need to succeed and makes you a great customer advocate:

· Developing and updating product user documentation for cloud networking IT and DevOps audiences.
· Work with team members to outline the concepts, procedures, and reference materials required to create a complete documentation experience for the customer.

Writing and updating documentation including:
o Procedures for deploying, configuring, and managing the Aviatrix platform features and ecosystem.
o Feature and procedure overviews.
o Functional updates to existing concepts and procedures.
o Detailed field notes to assist customers with specific product configurations.
o Specifications and configuration guidelines for using the Aviatrix platform.
o Release Notes.

Other important tasks:
· Interviewing subject experts from development and support teams to get the information required for your deliverables.
· Providing incremental development reviews for subject experts and wide audience reviews of mature drafts to ensure the content is accurate, complete, and satisfies customer needs.
· Using the Aviatrix platform to guide, test, and verify the content you create.
· Creating screen shots, flow charts, and network topology diagrams.
· Communicating the status of projects to team members.


Required Skills · Writing clear and concise user documentation. · Assessing customer requirements for your documentation projects. · Quickly learning about new technical features, concepts, and procedures. · Attention to detail and the tenacity to track down answers to questions. · Writing complex technical processes that are appropriate for the defined audience. · Using an XML editor to write content for Web Help, PDF, HTML, and other formats. · Understanding of DITA structure, tags, and content creation rules. · Installing, configuring, and using enterprise networking software products and cloud services. · Understanding of networking principals and cloud services. · Using screen capture, simple graphics, and network diagraming applications. · Using Jira or similar bug database tool to track issues and communicate the status of tasks. · Using Microsoft Office tools and SharePoint for internal company communications. Experience · Over 2 years of writing technical documentation for enterprise network software users and developers. · Installing, configuring, and managing the enterprise software products in your portfolio. Education · Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Communications or Computer Science preferred. Applicants with other degrees and over 5 years technical writing experience will be considered. Training and certifications for technical and writing achievements are a plus.


Competitive salary

Company Profile

Aviatrix is a well-funded, pre-IPO, hyper-growth enterprise-software company based in the heart of Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, CA).

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Remote, US Only

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